Monday, September 7, 2015

Rider+ is Closing Soon.

Punton's Apartments coming to Ivanhoe.

After 36 years  it is really happening. Permits have been granted (2 years late) and a DEMOLITION  date has been set.
We have to get all the snow gear, workshop equipment, rental gear and shop fittings out!

Please visit us in store to say "goodbye."

At least we will have time to go skiing now.

Friday, December 19, 2014

After 2 generations of retailing at 105-109 Upper Heidelberg Road its time for the next exciting chapter.

Punton's Apartments are quality homes which respect the heritage of The Ivanhoe Activity Centre.

Punton's Apartments in Ivanhoe
  1. *Boutique Development in the heart of the Ivanhoe Activity Centre
  2. *28 Large 1 and 2 bedroom Luxury Apartments with Parking and Storage
  3. *4 x Huge Luxury Penthouses
  4. *5 x 2 Story Townhouses
  5. *8 Star Energy Rating
  6. *Stunning views to the city, north and east to the Dandenongs

Its Goodbye to Ivanhoe from Punton's Shoes, The Jeaneration, Ski Haus and Rider+

If you would like further information about Punton’s Apartments you can contact us through the Rider+ web

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Australian Ski Resort Statistics.

Height comparison

Resort Peak (m) Base (m) Vertical (m)
Mt Kosciuszko * 2228
Thredbo 2037 1365 672
Perisher 2034 1605 429
Charlotte Pass 1840 1670 170
Selwyn 1614 1491 123
Mt Bogong * 1986
Buller 1781 1367 414
Hotham 1850 1455 395
Falls 1780 1400 380
Mt Mackay * 1842
Buffalo 1742 1604 138
Baw Baw 1564 1339 225

  • Backcountry, included for comparison.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Australian skiers and snowboarders - local or overseas?

Australian skiers and snowboarders split on hitting local vs overseas slopes

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source January 2001 — March 2013
A decade ago, around 4 out of 5 Aussies wanting a snow-capped holiday chose a domestic destination for their skiing and snowboarding fix. Today, almost half head overseas.

After boom in 2011 in the proportion of Australians taking their skis and boards overseas, domestic and international destinations hit parity and stabilised in 2012.

The latest data from Roy Morgan Research shows as of March 2013, 51% of Australians who went snow skiing or snowboarding on their last holiday chose a domestic destination, with a bare minority travelling internationally.

Overall, only 1.5% of Australians went snow skiing or snowboarding on their last holiday. For those who went overseas, popular destinations included New Zealand, North America, Europe, and Japan.

Where Australians go for snow

Where Australians go for snow

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Working in the Snow Industry.

Lifty Media set out to get some advice for young people interested in a career in the snow sports industry from professionals in the Industry. The video is a look into the industry from the perspective of several people who have worked hard to get where they are and continue to have a strong passion for what they do.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Spring Skiing in Australia

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to visit Mount Buller for a day trip - the first time for 2012.

What did I notice? Plenty of snow and not many people. I am told that some lodges a planning to close soon even though the season looks like extenting through to the first weekend in October.

Since my visit it has snowed another 30cm and more is predicted this week (weatherzone forecast up to 24cm)

Why aren't people skiing and riding in September?
  1. "I have had enough, the season is too long!" - I don't think so.
  2. "There is no snow." There is PLENTY of snow this September. At Hotham for example 206cm verses 46 cm last year.
  3. "Its too expensive." There are many incentives being offered at all the resorts eg. Kids Ski Free at Mount Buller.
  4. "Its Football Finals Time." Not everyone has a ticket.
I can think of some good reasons to hit the slopes this Spring
  1. There is plenty of snow
  2. Its cheaper
  3. The days are longer
  4. Its warmer
  5. There is more sunshine and
  6. You can watch the football on TV.
At Rider+ we are now ON SALE. We will be closing the physical store at the end of the season and next year we will be operating form our new Showroom/warehouse.

Now you can purchase your gear at great prices AND get to use it in Spring!